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The most important service provided by the Boise Hawks Baseball Booster Club, Inc., is the coordination of the Boise Hawks Host Family program whereby players are “adopted” for the season during their stay in Boise at no cost to the player.

The Hawks players are required to provide their own housing, meals and transportation – all on a minimum salary for first year players. Host Families help ease this burden by becoming a player’s home away from home during his stay in Boise. The players are in Boise for an average of 38 games in a 76 game season. The players arrive in Boise mid-June and leave in September.

What an AWESOME way to enjoy a game of baseball when you can cheer for “your player!”   The game of baseball takes on a whole other meaning when you personally know the players and especially have one of them living with your family for the summer. It is a great opportunity to watch a young man grow in his career and watch him move up in the organization after his short time with the Hawks. Hopefully, he will make it to the “BIG SHOW” and you can look back and say “That great kid lived with our family in the early days of his career.” It is also the beginning of a long-term friendship between the player and his Host Family.

The Host Family program is a Boise Hawks Booster Club sponsored program so it is required for you to be a Booster Club Member.  Yearly dues are $15 for a single person and $30 for a family.  As a Booster Club member, you will receive 10% off at the Talon Store, game day entrance through the Season Ticket gate and an invite to special season ticket holder events.  As a Host Family, you will receive two season tickets for the Boise Hawks games.  If you are interested in becoming a Boise Hawks Host Family or have any questions please email Jeanette Kirkpatrick, Housing Coordinator, at  Or simply fill out the attached Questionnaire and email it to Jeanette.  We would love to have you this season!

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